Thursday, June 26, 2008

June 23 Bellevue, Nebraska


While parked in Greenwood, we drove to Bellevue to locate the campground where we were to be staying. We found that our assigned sight was empty. We were not at all happy with the Pinegrove RV Park we moved to Haworth Park in Bellevue a couple of days early.

We are in the area to attend the Olympic Swimming Trials and watch our grandson, Tyler, compete with some of the world's greatest swimmers.

The first thing you notice upon arriving at Haworth park is the " Bicycle Windmill". This marks the bicycle trail that is park of the city network of bicycle trails.

According to Jim, the park caretaker, the city had hundreds of broken bicycles and was trying to find some way to use them. They hired an artist to create the Windmill sculptures for the entrances to the bicycle trails around the city.

Haworth is the nicest, prettiest city park that you will ever find. There are hundred of beautiful trees and acres of open grassy area. The RV Park is 56 acres! In addition to this, there is a marina, ball park, and other areas.

While in Bellevue, a major thunder storm with lots of lightening, large hail, and wind.

Fortunately, the worst of is avoided us and only one tree in the park fell.

This was the worst storm to hit this area in over 15 years. Because of the high winds, there was severe damage to the area. It was difficult to drive to many areas of Omaha because of the damage. We saw houses where the trees had crashed throught the roof, cars totally crushed by the large trees, and it just goes on and on and on. Of course, we did not drive around looking to see the damage. You could not go anywhere without seeing the damage. There were over 126,000 homes and businesses without power. The RV park did not have power for over 24 hours. Thank goodness for generators!! 6 days later, there were still 3,000 that were still without power.

Bellevue is the the state's oldest City, was incorporated in 1855.

While its population of almost 50,000 may not equal the crowd at a Cornhusker game, it is enough to place the City third in the state, behind Omaha and Lincoln.

Bellevue shares its northern border with Omaha and its southern edge with Offutt Air Force Base home of U.S. Stratcom, a joint command staffed by members from all branches of the military.

Looking out the window one evening, I saw these beautiful colors.

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