Wednesday, July 2, 2008

June 29--July 6 Olympic Swimming Trials


Jerry, Tyler, and I

The Trials are being held at the Qwest Cener in Omaha, NE. This a beautiful facility with all the ammenities that you would need for any type event.

There are several interesting sculptures at the entrance to the building.

During the storm mentioned in the last post, the exterior of the building was damaged.

Fortunately, it was just the exterior and not structural.

We have waited for months for the Olympic Swimming Trials. It is so exciting for Tyler to have the opportunity swim at an event such as this and compete for a spot on the Olympic Team. At the time of this writing, he still has events in which to compete.

Tyler did an outstanding swim in the 400 IM and qualified for the finals that night.

Unfortunately, he did not get a place on the Olympic team in this event--- World Record was broken by Phelps (1st place) and Lochte (2nd place).

Tyler was on the schedule to swim in 6 events, but 2 were scratched for hime to rest for the other events.

The pool area is beautiful. This picture was at a practice session so there are very few people there. There were over 12,000 fans in attendance for the events.

We had some of the best seats in the arena---3 rows from the bottom at looking across at the end of the pool. This picture was taken a few rows up from where our seats were.

There was an overhead monitor to watch the swimmers when they were at the opposite end of the pool.


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