Monday, June 23, 2008

June 22 Greenwood, NE

We drove the 230 miles from Louisburg, KS to Greenwood, NE without a problem until we were within a few miles of the PineGrove RV Park and we came to a "bridge closed" sign. We had not seen a sign to warn us of this. There was no option but to turn onto a narrow dirt road. I had the GPS and it was only a couple of miles to the Interstate. There was no entrance to the highway, but the mapping program showed a road that would take us to the RV park. Well--that road was not there, so we had to continue on the narrow dirt road. We drove several miles up one road and down another--watching the GPS to see where we were--not that it did much good. We were finally heading in the correct direction and came to a narrow bridge---and we exceeded the weight limit---by a lot! The only options were to cross the bridge or unhook the car and back out for a couple of miles--not a fun thought. There was no place that the coach could have been turned around. So, we crossed the bridge and did not fall in.

Finally-we reached the RV park. Very tired and frustrated. With a filthy car and coach.

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