Monday, June 9, 2008

June 8 Hot Springs Village, AR

I have some very dear friends, Lynn and Tom, that live in Hot Springs Village, AR.

This is a very unique community and is the largest gated community in America. It is beautiful!!

There are 9 golf courses and 12 lakes within the boundries of the community.

This picture was taken from an overlook area. Can you believe that there are houses hidden among all the trees?

What a place. You drive through heavily wooded areas, but rarely see a house, even thought there are approximately 8000 homes in the area. It is beautiful with all the lakes and golf courses everywhere.

Lynn & Tom and I met sometime in the mid-1990's on the internet.

There was---and still is--- a group of RVers that met on-line. Eventually, many of us met face-to-face, having dozens of RV get-to-gethers (GTG) all over the country. Life long friendships have been formed through this group known just as the RVClub.

The last time that Lynn & Tom and I saw each other was in 2002 at an RV GTG that became known as "OZ" because it was held in Kansas. We met in At Melvern Lake in Kansas each year--sometimes 10-15 rigs--sometimes more. One year there was over 50 rigs. OZ continues on--the only change is that it was moved from June to October because of the tornado season. What fun we have had through the years!!

When we arrived at "The Village", Lynn met us at the gate and we followed her to the small RV park which is reserved for guests of the residents. We got the rig set up, and Lynn gave us a grand tour of the Village.

We had a great dinner on Saturday evening in their home. On Saturday, Tom and Jerry played golf while Lynn and I did more sightseeing in Hot Springs.

That evening we went to dinner at the A neat place!

While there, friends of Lynn and Tom's came by the table and invited us all for a boat ride after dinner.

The lake was beautiful and the homes along the shoreline were outstanding.

What a great way to end the day--

and a wonderful visit.

Thanks, Lynn and Tom.

I love you guys!!


Robnotbob said...

Beautiful pictures - life is GOOD! I tell yew whut . . . you guys are having way too much fun! Back to work for the rest of us mere mortals. ;-)

Jurhee said...

You are correct!!! We are having fun. Retirement is wonderful.


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