Saturday, June 14, 2008

June 9-15 Oak Grove, AR--Blue Eye, MO


Find these places on the map---if you can. They are very small communities on the AR/MO border.

Blue Eye is a thriving community of 17! That is, unless you come into town the other direction and the population is 35. Either way, don't blink or you will miss it.

After leaving Hot Springs Village, we were on the way to Eureka Springs, AR when we remembered that somewhere in the area there was an Outdoor Resort. These are beautiful resorts--where you purchase your lot. We own a lot in Indio, CA and spend most of the winter there. All of the Resorts are beautiful, each one different from the others.

We found that we were only a few miles from the road to the Outdoor Resort of the Ozarks and called for a reservation. It had been raining off and on most of the day, and when we arrived, it was still raining. We checked in, went to out site, and set up in the rain. Even in the rain, we knew that the Resort was an outstanding place. We were given a beautiful waterfront site.

All the sites in the Resort have a view of the lake, of course, some have a better view than others.

We sit on our patio, and this is our view. There are a few boats cruising along, a few ducks, and lots of peace and quiet.


There is no other way to describe it.

The ammenities are excellent. 2 pools, hot tubs, activity centers, etc. Anything that you would expect in a first class resort.

The club house is beautifully furnished with everything that you would want.

The view from the club house is incredible as you can see in this shot.

Unfortunately, there has been so much rain that the lake is about 12 inches above normal. Much of the golf course on the resort is underwater. Of course, eventually, the water will recede and the golf course will be restored.

As you can see, it is a hilly area, and walking is a challenge! Great exercise place, but forget riding the bicycles.

Jerry walks everyday--and he calls the walk from the campsite to the clubhouse "cardiac hill". It is tough!!!

The only negative that we have found is that the area is so remote. It is 20 miles to the nearest grocery store! You just have to remember bread and milk when you are there!

On Tuesday we drove to Eureka Springs and walked around the village. It is a very old village, and the sidewalks, stores, etc., have remained in their original state, as required by the historical commission. I visited Eureka Springs around 1981 and have always wanted to return. It is a quaint village with lots of shops and tourist type things---and lots of hills when seeing the area!

Saturday, we went to Branson, MO. Jerry was there years ago and all he remembers is TRAFFIC. He was not crazy about the idea of going there, but since I had never been, I wanted to see what was there. Well, he was right (of course). The cars were lined up everywhere. We just drove up and down the street a couple of times. There were hundreds (at least it seemed like that many) theaters for the shows that are performed each day.

While walking around we saw a shop Dino's 24 Karrot Cake Co. It was like a magnet drawing us in!! They had some beautiful cakes---some are on the website. Of course, we had to purchase a small one. It is excellent!!! And of course, only 17 million calories per bite.

Many years ago I purchased a Silverleaf timeshare resort in Branson at the President's Fairways. but have never had the opportunity to visit so today we drove out to the resort. We drove past a very nice golf course on the way to the condos. They were definately top of the line. Unfortunately, I just have rarely had the opportunity of use the timeshare. I would prefer to travel in the motor home.

We returned to our beautiful RV site and enjoyed popcorn on the patio--

with adult beverages, of course!!

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