Friday, May 9, 2008

May 6 Waco, TX

We were glad to leave Austin and drove in the rain and fog to Waco. We spent 2 days in Waco, staying at the I-35 RV Park. It was nothing fancy, but the owner and people were friendly and it serviced it's purpose.

While in Waco we visited the Texas Ranger Hall of fame The museum is very impressive covering several rooms with hundreds of items on display.

The Texas Rangers are said to be the oldest state law enforcement agency in North America. Rangers were first used in 1823 when Stephen F. Austin recruited ten tough and talented militia men to help ward off brutal Indian attacks in the Mexican province of Tejas. These men are also believed to have been volunteers who had to provide their own arms and horses. From the earliest days, the Rangers were comprised of Anglos, Hispanics and American Indians. They were called upon to handle the toughest assignments, usually in conflicts where they were far outnumbered. The Texas Rangers were the only group to ride to the Alamo in response to Travis' final plea for help.The first legislative mention of the Rangers did not occur until 1874. But they were there..... Click on the below link for a great read and a trip into the past. It is the best.

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