Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March 3-4 Apache Junction, AZ

We left the Covered Wagon very early to beat the traffic to the Detroit Diesel place. They checked out the coach and found no codes on the computer. They drove it, and of course the light did not come on. They could find no problems, so we left.

We drove across town to Apache Junction to the Sunrise RV. There is a lovely website http://www.robertsresorts.com/sunrise/ but don't let that fool you. The place was the pits. The people were rude on check in. Then they wanted cash or check--no credit cards. This is really not an RV park but a Park Model community for snowbirds with a few sites for RV's When we got to our site, we found the sewer connection in the middle under the transmission of the coach --the place needed for a park model. To hook up the sewer hose, it would have been necessary to pull the coach forward, hook it up, then back the coach over it. Then, the fun would begin when it was time to disconnect since it was running up-hill. Needless to say, we did not hook up the sewer. For 2 days, we did not need it anyway.

The next problem was the doggy walk. The key required a $2 deposit. We took Tribble out for a walk, went through the gate and ------- we were outside the park on the street in a residental neighborhood. Not good.

Another complaint was that we had to leave a $40 cash deposit for a transmitter to get back in the park if we were out past 7 PM.

Anyway--- good friends Keith and Sandy & Dave and Helen came in the next day. We had reservation for the Arizona Opry http://www.azopry.com/ These folks put on a great show with dinner before the show. Some exceptional talent in this family. We had all seen it 3 years ago and looked forward to seeing it again.

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