Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March 5 Las Cruces, NM

This day finds us going to Las Cruces, NM. We stayed at the Hacienda RV Resort We have stayed here in the past and it is a very nice place. We did have a serious problem, though. When outside, Jerry noticed water in the storage bay. I went inside and discovered a bunch of water under the sink. Several of the hose connections were loose. The next morning, I discovered water in the floor outside the bathroom. When the commode was flushed, it blew out the hose there--thank goodness it was clean water. It turns out that the park has very high water pressure and we had blown out some lines! When Jerry went to the office, they said that the water pressure was high. Jerry said that they really should warn people when they come in. They did not seem to think it was necessary.

Our plans had been to continue on the the Big Bend area for a few days of sight seeing. But, since it was now necessary to wash dishes in the bathroom, and to run water in a pitcher to use in flushing the commode, we called the Foretravel factory to see if we could get in early. They said that it would not be a problem so we just headed that way -- that is where we were going anyway, now were just going to be a couple of weeks ahead of schedule.

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