Sunday, March 2, 2008

February 29 - March 3, 2008 Phoenix, AZ

We left Lake Havasu City on Feb. 29th and drove to Phoenix, AZ. Along the way, the check transmission light came on. When we got to Phoenix, we called Cummins Coach Care, and was told that they don't work on transmissions and said to go the CAT dealer. We went there, and they would not look at it because it was not a CAT! So, we went to the Detroit Diesel place. The checked the computer code and suggested that we drive no more than necessary until they could check it out on Monday--so we started looking for the closest RV park. We found the Covered Wagon RV Park--it left a lot to be desired--not in the best part of town, but we had no problems.

The highlight of the stay was when we were told about a doggy park nearby. We took Tribble over to play. The place was sponsored by PetSmart. It was about 3 acres with separate sections for small dogs and large dogs. The dogs were all running and playing and having a great time. Tribble loved being able to run and play without her leash.

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