Monday, April 28, 2008

April 26 Marble Falls, TX

We decided to leave Kerrville a few days early so that we would have a little more time for sightseeing in other areas of Texas. We had a hard day driving---all of 88 miles! We decided to spend a week at Sunset Point just outside of Marble Falls, TX. There are lot of places to sight see around the area. It is a nice little park and we had a lovely waterfront site.

The first place to visit was the Bluebonnet Cafe It is a 75 year old tradition in Marble Falls and is famous for it's pies. There were pies everywhere! Jerry asked how many pies they bake. He was told about 75/day during the week and twice that on weekends! That is a lot of pies.

One of the amazing sites in Marble Falls is the huge Granite Mountain.

Granite Mountain's true fame began on July 29, 1885 when the owners, "donated to the people of Texas, granite sufficient and suitable for the building, erection and completion of the entire State Capital Building." Convict labor was contracted for the tremendous task of cutting the granite into blocks for shaping. Mule-drawn flat cars were used to haul the blocks to the dressing and shaping grounds at the quarry. A narrow gauge railroad was specially built to haul the 15,700 carloads of granite from the quarry to the Capital Building site in Austin. The Texas Capital is second in size only to the National Capital. When constructed, it was said to be the seventh largest building in the world.

Unending flow of the superb material has continued ever since, yet bulk of the dome has hardly been diminished. It was huge. At first we did not realize what it was, but after reading about it, each time we drove past it, we could not help but comment on it.

The sunsets at the RV park were beautiful. Unfortunately, I usually missed them and did not get the pictures that I would like to have.

Of course, I did not get any "sunrise" pictures!

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