Saturday, April 19, 2008

April 19 Winery Tour

We were not thinking today when we decided to go visit some wineries in the area. We went to 7 different ones. Unfortunately, we arrived just after limos and tour busses at three of them. They were so crowded that we did not wait in line for tasting. We got some wine at some of the others, and passed some because they had nothing that we liked. But, the best still seemed to be from the little winery that we visited last week at Sisterdale. We went back by there on the way home and picked up a couple more bottles of the "Reserve" that is only available at the winery.

At this rate we may be certified winos by the time we leave this area!!!

According to the map, it was only about 130 miles, but it took most of the day and we came home exhausted!

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