Saturday, June 21, 2008

June 18 Miami, OK

Most of the time, we enjoy staying off the interstate and major roads and taking the back roads, driving through small towns and just enjoying the slower pace. However, from the time we left Bossier City, LA on June 3, we have been on back roads---that is about all that Arkansas has!! After miles and miles of narrow roads will little or no shoulder, winding, turning roads up and down the mountains, it was a relief to finally get on some straight roads. While the scenery was beautiful, it is very tiring, both to the driver and the "assistant" driver.

We decided to go through Miami, OK to the Newell Coach Company and take a factory tour.

Newell makes a beautiful high end coach. High end, of course, translates to HIGH $$$$$.

I contacted them about a tour, and they invited us to stay with them overnight at "Camp Newell".

When we arrived, they were very gracious hosts, and said that we were welcome to stay as long as we would like. The facility was very nice, with a large grassy area with picnic tables for everyone to enjoy.

After a quick lunch, we went through the used coaches that were on the lot.

Fortunately, we did not find one that we liked as well as the coach that we have!

New coaches are available only as custom coaches on special order.

On Thursday morning, we took a tour of the factory. They do some different things during the construction process that was very interesting. Their coaches are first class all the way.

We decided after the tour to move on rather than stay in Miami. After all, we were not buying one at this time!!

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